MagicBullet vs NutriBullet Blenders

The mini-blenders are the new fashion in the industry. These blenders are more fast and efficient than the regular blender and can be store in any kitchen cabinet without any hurdle. There are many companies that offer mini blenders in the market but the best brand known to deliver the high quality mini blenders is NutriBullet. Today we are going to compare and review two of the best blenders from the brand from which one is the MagicBullet, and the other one is NutriBullet 1000 Pro.

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Both these blenders are one of their kinds and can do multiple feature which no other mini blender can. However, people are always confuse on which one to buy from these two as they two are quite identical in terms of features and functions they have to offer. So to end your confusion, we are here with our article where we are going to give you detail about both of these blenders so that you can make your decision accordingly before purchasing any one of them.


Magicbullet was manufactured by Nutribullet. The mini-blender is affordable and will only cost you $39. The motor this blender has is of 600W which is powerful enough to blend and pulverize ingredients within seconds. The blender comes up with 11 piece set including 2 cups, lip rings, go-to lids, party cup and the motor base.

You can simply put your ingredients in the cup and put it onto the motor base. Then just twist the cup once and the blender will start the blending process and turn your whole ingredients into the delicious and existing recipes or smoothies within seconds. Moreover, you can pour them into the party cup and take it with you onto your journey.

Furthermore, you can use these lip rings to put them onto the cup and directly drink your juices from the cup. Also, you can cover the cups with the lids and can store them into the fridge to use them later. However, this blender doesn’t have the variable speed controls, and the pulse feature which can be essential for some house-chef.

Nutribullet 1000 Pro

Nutribullet 1000 Pro is another blender from the brand. It is the new addition in the market and has the 1000W motor which is quite heavier than the Magicbullet. The motor is powerful enough to pulverize the ingredients and turn them into the recipes from the whole within seconds.

The blades this blender has are made from hardened stainless steel blades which are completely rust proof and can be wash with water without any worries. The blender comes up with 2 different cups, lids, go-to lid, and lip rings.

These two cups are of different sizes from which is 32-oz and the other one is 24-oz in size. The 32-oz container is tall and sleek in design and is best to make smoothies, and juices. However, the other cup is short in size and best to pulverize seeds, spices, and other ingredients. The blender will cost you around $49.

Both of these blenders are capable of doing multiple functions and almost identical. However, if you are willing to pay extra amount for the motor than its your choice.

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